What are you offering to God. The book of 2Samuel 24:22 says after Araunah gave Oxen to David to offer to God. David said what I offer to God it must be from me and I must have labored for.


Half truth

When setting up a mouse trap, you put a small piece of cheese in front. In this setup the cheese is the only truth that attracts the mouse and the rest is a trap. The devil also gives half truth to attracts people and once you are with him you realize the danger you are in. Know the word so no one can mislead you. When the devil was trying to tempt Jesus, he said “It is written!”

The blood of Jesus

I was thinking about the blood that was shared for my sins. The more I think about it, it makes me realize how much it’s worth. God hates sin that He could not even look at his Son at the cross because of the amount of sins He was caring and to imagine Jesus crying out to the Father ” Father why have you forsaken me”, Father you are worthy to be praised have mercy on me. I thank you for loving me that much.