The ways of God

There are times when God removes the things that are dear to you so He can get your attention. One can imagine Isaiah as a young man, he looked up to Uzziah because of his achievements. Uzziah was only 16 years when he was made king but it was in his death that the Lord appeared to Isaiah. Isaiah 6:1 In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple. From this verse one can assume that if Isaiah continued to leave Isaiah might have missed the opportunity to see God.

In 2010, i separated with my wife. Back then i was very far from salvation, infact i used to hate Christians and would use every opportunity to argue with them about why they believe there is God. When we reconciled, as part of restoring the relationship, i promised that i will try go with her to church not knowing that it was the end of my journey with the worldly life.

On one of my visits, the pastor was worshiping in song and the spirit came upon me and the power was so strong i wanted to cry but i resisted. I used to see people crying in church and didn’t understand why. As a man i wouldn’t want that to happen to me. As i was driving home the power came upon me again and this time i could not hold the tears the sith situation scared my poor kids and my wife. All i kept saying was forgive me Lord. I could not continue driving,my wife had to take over. i asked her to drive back to church so pastor can pray for me for this thing to go away. Sadly when we arrived she was gone already. i called one of the leaders at church and he prayed with me over the phone and became better. On sunday it was round two. The pastor sang the same song that made me cry and this time i could not hold it, i cried and was taken to the front,i receive prayer and from that day I never looked back.

I made a dicision to go to bible school the following year in 2013. This year I’m doing my final year and God has been good to me and my family. He helped me to deal with a lot of thing that i could not stop on my own. Some of the books we used are from @BethMooreLPM a powerful teacher of the Word. Three books in particular are Fruit of the Spirit, Breaking Free, and Believing God.

I believe if i did not go through separation with my wife, i would still be stuck with my old ways but the grace was upon me. God’s ways are higher than ours and we would never understand some of the situations that He allows to get our attention. To the human eye the separation was a bad thing, to Him, it was a process of reaching out to His son. Embrace your the problems in your life because that could be the one which can propel you to your destination.

Lord thank you for the grace, grant me a heart that is willing to change.


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