God revealed it to me

This is one statement one have to be careful using. In actual fact, your thought is either inspired by God or the devil. If we were to speak signal language: depending on where your satellite dish is facing, you are able to receive a certain signal.
When you say God revealed something, people think you are elevating yourself. God speaks to us in different forms. He speaks in dreams, visions and by planting thoughts in us. You have to be in the same frequency to receive a certain broadcast.
When you say I have been paying and God is just quiet, maybe ask, am I in the right frequency to receive or the message came and passed because you were tuned to the wrong frequency.
When you are aware that God always speak, you become expectant to hear Him speak through His people and the environment. God can lead you through a route that had traffic to reveal to you that you are impatient, you must be able to get the revelation. 
Not all of us can stand God’s presence or handle his voice.


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