Be a responsible servant of God.

God expect pastors to lead and be responsible with those under their care. The church is so divided because pastors use their leadership positions to speak ill about other pastors. People are thirsty for the Word and need to be fed as directed by the Father.
Jeremiah 23:1 “What sorrow awaits the leaders of my people-the shepherds of my sheep-for they have destroyed and scattered the very ones they were expected to care for,” says the LORD.

You can be a pastor and engage in wrong things. God can still allow you to do the work because He is more concerned about the flock. Know that your time will come, when God will deal with you. Moses disobeyed God’s instructions but God allowed him to continue leading His people but did not allow him to enter the land of Canaan. Numbers 27:14 For in the Wilderness of Zin, during the strife of the congregation, you rebelled against My command to hallow Me at the waters before their eyes.” (These are the waters of Meribah, at Kadesh in the Wilderness of Zin.)

What God says to you is not up for discussion with your leader.

As a man or woman of God, God calls you alone for a purpose He want to accomplish. Acts 22:9-10 “And those who were with me indeed saw the light and were afraid, but they did not hear the voice of Him who spoke to me. So I said, ‘What shall I do, Lord?’ And the Lord said to me, ‘Arise and go into Damascus, and there you will be told all things which are appointed for you to do.’
While you serve under another person’s ministry, you are still under their authority but once you are released, God becomes the head. 1 Samuel 3:17-18 “What did the LORD say to you? Tell me everything. And may God strike you and even kill you if you hide anything from me!” So Samuel told Eli everything; he didn’t hold anything back. “It is the LORD’s will,” Eli replied. “Let him do what he thinks best.”
It’s important to have a mentor as a guide but they are not there to direct the ship. You have a mentor so you can draw from their experience to avoid mistakes they made but they must not control your ministry

There must be boundaries in the ministry to create order. God gave an instruction to Moses and even when He came down from the mountain, He was to speak to Moses, the people were just witnesses in the conversation. Exodus 19:12 Mark off a boundary all around the mountain. Warn the people, ‘Be careful! Do not go up on the mountain or even touch its boundaries. Anyone who touches the mountain will certainly be put to death.


Acts 6:6-7 These seven were presented to the apostles, who prayed for them as they laid their hands on them. So God’s message continued to spread. The number of believers greatly increased in Jerusalem, and many of the Jewish priests were converted, too. In 2012 I received a prophecy about the work that God has planned for me. 2013, I started my bible school training which ended in 2015. Last week the 25th of February, I was formally ordained to serve.
God is busy with the work He started long before I knew. Like Moses, I said Lord I’m not worthy of thy call but He saw it fit. Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.”

Glory be to God.

To be called means you a threat to satan’s kingdom. You have just declared war.

Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.” When you are called, know that you have just declared war against the devil’s kingdom. You cannot afford to leave life the way you used to. You must increase your prayer life. When a man’s space is threatened, he finds ways to stop his enemies before they get to him. 

Jeremiah 1:19 They will fight you, but they will fail. For I am with you, and I will take care of you. I, the LORD, have spoken!” The devil will come with all he has to fight the calling even if it means attacking those around you. He will attack those around you so that your focus is on them. God cannot call you and not protect you, it’s only you who can move yourself from Him.
The anointing does not only attract good things even challenges becomes more. When something good is about to be birthed, Satan is aware and will to stop it.

There is a certain character that God is looking for in a man that irrespective of what they have done, he qualifies and justifies them.

Romans 8:30 And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified. Moses performed many signs and wonders yet before God started using him, he murdered a person. Paul persecuted God’s own people and God turned him into a might vessel. Peter is referred to as the rock, he was able to cut somebody’s ear right in front of Jesus.
Never right of people because of their immediate weakness because to God, they maybe generals.

1 Peter 1:2 God the Father knew you and chose you long ago, and his Spirit has made you holy. As a result, you have obeyed him and have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ. May God give you more and more grace and peace.

Are you ready for God to use you?

Most of us run to to God and ask Him to speak to us, but are we ready to hear His instructions, will we obey Him and do as He asks?

The people that God wanted to use had excuses to do what God wanted them to do.

Jeremiah 1:6-9 “O Sovereign LORD,” I said, “I can’t speak for you! I’m too young!” The LORD replied, “Don’t say, ‘I’m too young,’ for you must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you. And don’t be afraid of the people, for I will be with you and will protect you. I, the LORD, have spoken!” Then the LORD reached out and touched my mouth and said, “Look, I have put my words in your mouth!

Sometimes we ask Him to speak because we don’t want to hear what He is currently saying but want to hear our own things that we already expect Him to say.

God works in us for the work He planned. We cannot complete His work, because we did not start it.

1 Chronicles 17:3-4 But it happened that night that the word of God came to Nathan, saying, “Go and tell My servant David, ‘Thus says the LORD: “You shall not build Me a house to dwell in. There is a difference between doing a good thing and a godly thing. David thought it was good for him to build a temple for God but God reminded him that He is the one who called him, he did not call himself. 1 Chronicles 17:7 Now therefore, thus shall you say to My servant David, ‘Thus says the LORD of hosts: “I took you from the sheepfold, from following the sheep, to be ruler over My people Israel.

God works in us for the work He planned. We cannot complete His work, because we did not start it. Philippians 1:6 being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.